We spend about one third of our lives on mattresses, so it is important to make a wise choice about the selection of the mattress. Mattresses are categorized according to material, quality, warranty, durability and prices. It can sometimes be perplexing to choose the right mattress if you don’t know how to look. The first thing to consider while buying a mattress is to choose between the material of the mattress. You must decide what material you want in your mattress. Here material can be anything that a mattress is made up of. Mattress material can be spring coils, foam, air or even water. You decide the mattress material according to your body requirement. In this article, we will explain you about the major differences between a memory foam mattress and natural latex mattress. What is a memory foam mattress? Why are these mattresses so popular? These are two of the most common questions asked by consumers while searching for the mattress.

 A memory foam mattress was originally developed by NASA for pilot’s seat. These mattresses are made of viscoelastic material and conform to the body of the sleeper. The most popular trait of these mattresses is the comfort they provide. Memory foam mattresses are considered as top choice for orthopedic patients. These mattresses were designed in a way that they give relief to the pressure points of the sleeper. The foam makes the mattress as the most comfortable to sleep on. When you sleep on a memory foam mattress, your spine will remain in the same position. Unlike other mattresses, you will not sink in them. The material is very breathable; you will not sweat at night. The only downside of memory foam mattress is the price of the mattress. These mattresses are quite expensive.

Next is latex foam mattress. Latex foam mattresses are of two types: natural latex foam and man-made latex foam mattress. Natural latex foam mattresses are made up of natural ingredients that are derived by tapping the rubber tree. They are combined with water to reach the desired density. If buying an organic mattress is in your bucket list, then don’t wait and immediately buy a latex foam mattress. According to consumer’s reviews and ratings, sleeping on a latex foam mattress has changed their entire experience of sleeping. You will reach your desired level of comfort and relaxation when you sleep on these mattresses. Memory foam mattresses have polyurethane foam in them which make them quite toxic as they are made of hazardous chemicals. But a latex foam mattress is naturally made and is eco-friendly. If you have made your choice, then don’t wait and immediately buy your dream mattress from savvysleeper. A good mattress is very essential for a comfortable sleep, otherwise you will wake up tired and exhausted. Buying either of the mattresses will be a good choice. The best way is to test both the mattresses in the store, to know your perfect mattress.